What We Do

Wall Replacement

Some walls with extreme structural damage will continue to bow, shear, and crack, and in some cases, the only way to repair the problem is to completely remove and rebuild the foundation wall.

This process can be a big one. It begins in your yard. The foundation is excavated, the yard around your foundation and surrounding landscaping must be removed.  This includes steps, gardens, walkways, foliage, and anything else along the foundation.  Then the foundation will be excavated, with the removed soil being laid in mounds around the house.  Temporary supports will be put in place as the foundation walls are removed and replaced.  When the job is completed, the landscaping and dirt can be returned.  A year later, this soil will settle and must be regraded.

Again, this is sometimes the only thing that can be done for a failing foundation. However simply replacing the wall might not be enough. It maybe necessarily to address the problem that caused the bowing in the first place. 

This is where Cornerstone Basement Solutions can really help. Not only can we replace the wall, but we can also prevent future problems by using our preventative measures to ensure that your wall will not bow again. Guaranteed! Your basement will not only be as good as before, but actually better! 

Minor Wall Cracking

Unfortunately, all concrete eventually cracks, however, not all cracks are a sign of structural problems. The reason for this is that shrinkage occurs during the curing process. A foundation expert can help you decide whether your cracks are only "cosmetic" (nonstructural) or whether there are bigger issues (structural). If the problem is only on the surface, it can be solved with using adding an epoxy, which is can help repair the damage and which can hold even stronger than concrete.