Geo Channels unique design gives it an advantage over other systems because it can be placed on top or next to footing. This means it requires no gravel, it's less messy and invasive, and quicker to install making it more cost effective. The Geo Channel collects water from the floor and wall joints and under the center of the floor, which makes it more effective than other systems. 

How Does it Work?

After heavy rainfall the soil around and under our foundations gets filled with water. In order to evacuate the water, Geo Channel's unwoven fabric releases the water at 140 gallons per minute. This allows the water to enter the drainage core along the length and height of the Geo Channel. The Geo Channel releases the hydrostatic pressure so efficiently there is no pressure build-up. There is the most efficient method for relieving this pressure that there is today.  

Geo Channel also makes yard drainage easy. No longer do you need unsightly pipes or gravel beds. Geo Channel will sit in the mud or dirt without a need for gravel. The sod is cut and a small trench is created to install it. The dirt is back filled without using stone, and the yard is restored. It is the least disruptive way to do yard drainage.