The Cove Drain

The Cove Drain is a highly engineered plastic membrane that drains all wall leaks into your new Water Tunnel system. Unlike other types of drainage fabrics on the market, the dimpled air gap technology increases the flow of wall drainage, weep hole drainage, and key way seepage to the Water Tunnel system, which helps to leave you with a clean dry basement. GUARANTEED! The dimpled design also allows the new concrete to flow all the way back to the wall. This helps to ensure that the bottom of the wall will not have any inward structural movement.


The Trench Drain

The Trench Drain is the last line of defense in protecting your basement from water infiltration. It will protect your basement from water entering in and around any exterior basement door. The Trench Drain is designed to resist freezing, and to prevent clogging due to the build up of leaves and debris on the outside of the doorway. The Trench Drain protects your basement even when you’re not home to unclog that outside drain.


The Flood Defender

Don’t be caught with a flooded basement due to a water heater leak! The Flood Defender is a plastic containment ring that is installed around water heaters and other water devices that may leak water. The Flood Defender captures the water and directs it into the Water Tunnel System which channels the water to the Champion Sump System without any harm to your basement.