The Carbon Hold System

The Carbon Hold System is permananent and guaranteed to work. It is a solution that can fix cracked walls and bowed foundation walls with the most minimal effect on the look of your basement. At ten times the strength of steel, it can not only be used to repair bowing walls, but also cracks in a basement.  
This system can be applied to almost any concrete wall. In cases where wall movement is a concern, the Carbon Hold system will structurally isolate any movement in the wall so that the crack will not move and reopen a new leak. Once it is applied, the crack repair system can easily be painted over. 

When a system like this is installed, it is vitally important that the fibers are securely bonded to the wall. The Carbon Hold system is a 12" wide mesh that has a substantial surface area to bond to the foundation wall.  This makes a stronger bond than almost any other system and lessons the potential of the epoxy bond being pulled off.  Guaranteed!

The Carbon Hold crack repair method seals, strengthens, and stablizes leaking cracks. It provided structural integrity to the crack, giving homeowners the peace of mind that the crack will not leak due to wall movement. 

Advantages to Carbon Hold

  • Cost Effective
  • Less disruptive than other methods
  • Mesh is fully encapsulated in epoxy
  • Incredibly strong
  • Can be painted
  • Guaranteed